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  COVID-19: Silver Plume Exhibitions is feeling the stress of COVID-19 along with the rest of the world. As the majority of us are sheltering in place, we would like to assist in the continuing education and entertainment of our communities and friends. Silver Plume Exhibitions is unveiling multiple virtual programs including art webinars and digital exhibitions. These will be free to participants and we aim to provide useful content in these uncertain times. We wish everyone the best, and thank all the individuals that are putting themselves at risk to help their neighbors and communities. Thank you for your service!

TIny Titans at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History with no people.
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 This session was co-hosted by The National Aviary and Silver Plume Exhibitions.   

Have you ever wondered how dinosaurs transitioned from the ground dwelling reptiles to the aeronautic masters of the sky that we know today as birds? Dr. Burnham, a paleontologist from Kansas State University will explain in a way the whole family can understand.  See below for Dr. David Burnhams experiments on flight 

Microraptor attack

 This one shows how science is trial and error and accidents can happen .

First successful flight

 The success of this let us know our scientific endeavor could be successful.  We had the model glide 72 feet. It would of gone further if not for the tree. 

Controlling for the Variables

 From there we built a refined model with a catapult launching system to take human error out of the equation .


Thank you Dr. David Burnham

we will see you on Friday.


May, 15 at 1:00pm Mountain Time

Join on YouTube live or Zoom

Paleo-Sculptor Dennis Wilson of Pangaea Designs will teach kids of all ages how dinosaur footprints were made and how to make their own footprints using play sand and plaster. Dennis will demonstrate using a cast of an emu foot but kids can use the skills to explore in their own natural environment. 

What you will need!



cardboard box

Friday, May 8th, 2020

Mark Hallett's final installment of How to Draw Saber-toothed Cat. Follow along as Mark moves into the use of wet media (gouache) to create his rendering. This has been recorded so you may move through it at your own speed. 

What you will need


yellow ocher, Sepia, orange, and white. 


1 small round, 2 flat brushes


Pallet, Spray bottle, art board or gessoed board

This week we welcome Paleo-Sculpture Gary Staab. Gary will be discussing his career in a brief presentation and then teaching us how to sculpt a model of a sauropod dinosaur. The program will be perfect for kids age 7 and up. (Adults will enjoy it too!)

Join us on YouTube Live or on Zoom

See list above for  useful supplies.

Students will need

  • Print of the sauropod bone map .jpg can be found below
  • Sculpting tools; popsicle stick, toothpicks or something similar
  • Modeling clay of some kind. Playdough will work but is not ideal, Try this recipe  

Bone Map (jpg)


Drawing a Saber-toothed Cat with Mark Hallett (session 2)


Here is a chance to learn from this legend as he teaches us to draw a Saber-toothed Cat. In Session 1 we learned the basic shapes and perspective. Join us this time as we advance our skills with the use of light and shadow. 

Join in Zoom or on YouTube Live

Session 2 Final image by Mark Hallett

Session 2 Final image by Mark Hallett

 Friday, April 24th at 1:00pm Mountain Time

Mark Hallett is credited with coining the term Paleo-Art and has been bringing prehistoric animals to life, through his paintings, for decades. Here is a chance to learn from this legend as he teaches us to draw a Saber-toothed Cat. This will be a four session series so be sure to stay tuned for follow up sessions.

Struthiomimus puppet with Brian Engh

This is a great activity and learning opportunity for the family from our friend and paleo-artist Brian Engh. You will need cardboard, tape, knife, scissors , hot glue, and a printer. Download and print the pattern .pdf below. Have fun and please share your puppets on facebook with #struthioFlock.

Downlad Brian Engh's puppet pattern 

 How to draw a T. Rex with Julius Csotonyi PhD.  This aired live on 4/10/2020. Here it is if you missed it or would like to watch it again. Be sure to download the activity sheets that Julius prepared for addition fun.

Additional activities provided by Julius Csotonyi for further T. rex exploration.

Articulated Model of T. rex (pdf)


Tyrannosaurus-rex coloring page (pdf)


Julius Csotonyi: Why I love Paleo-Art: 30 min

The fusion of art and sciece in the words of Julius Csotonyi Phd. Bringing the past to life for the education of us all.

Introducing Archaeopteryx

Come on a journey to southern Germany to discover Archaeopteryx

An introduction to the artists of DInosaurs Take Flight: The art of Archaeopteryx.

The Noble Egg: 4 min

Eggs have been a capsule for the development of embryos form across the animal kingdom.  From dinosaurs to reptiles to birds to marsupials eggs share form function and anatomy.  Find out about these noble eggs from paleontologist Jacques Gauthier