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COVID-19: Silver Plume Exhibitions is feeling the stress of COVID-19 along with the rest of the world. As the majority of us are sheltering in place, we would like to assist in the continuing education and entertainment of our communities and friends. Silver Plume Exhibitions is unveiling multiple virtual programs including art webinars and digital exhibitions. These will be free to participants and we aim to provide useful content in these uncertain times. We wish everyone the best, and thank all the individuals that are putting themselves at risk to help their neighbors and communities. Thank you for your service!

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Exploring Extinction: The Dodo

Exploring Extinction: The Dodo looks into the life and death of this iconic creature as a case of human-driven extinction.  Starting with pristine Mauritius, this traveling exhibition reveals the tragedy that ensued as humans expanded across the oceans and explores the means to stop and even reverse those tragedy’s today.

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Tiny Titans: Dinosaur eggs and babies logo.

Tiny Titans


Silver Plume Exhibitions is proud to be touring Tiny Titans. Take a rare and exciting look at the life of dinosaurs through their eggs, nests, and young in Tiny Titans: Dinosaur Eggs and Babies.  This colorful, hands-on, interactive traveling exhibition gives your patrons a chance to see and learn about an amazing collection of real dinosaur eggs. This museum exhibit features artwork from Luis V. Rey and Mark Hallet  and comes with stunning photography by Louie Pshioyos.  For more information visit

Dinosaurs Take Flight logo with archaeopteryx macro images.

Dinosaurs Take Flight

 Silver Plume Exhibitions, in partnership with the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, is excited to announce a natural history  and art crossover  traveling exhibition.  Artists from around the world will join together to give a new life to one of the most famous and controversial fossils of the last 150 years, the Archaeopteryx.   

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Permian Monsters: Life Before the Dinosaurs logo with Dimetrodon

Permian Monsters

 Step back in time 290 million years when bizarre-looking animals dominated life on land and sea, and find out about the greatest extinction the world has ever seen in Permian Monsters: Life before the Dinosaurs. This unique traveling exhibition brings the past back to life with fossilized skeletons and full size life models of the animals that ruled the world millions of years before the  dinosaurs, in a time known as the Permian. 

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